My interest in the plant kingdom began in childhood with a passion for plant science projects and a menagerie of houseplants. My mother’s love of gardening influenced me while I was growing up and has been an inspiration to me throughout the years. My devotion to plants at a young age ultimately evolved into my healing practice today.

My work in essential oil therapy began in 1997 when I left a corporate career to pursue a personal interest in the healing properties of plants. What began as formulas created for family and friends soon escalated to a full study of the discipline. I was interested in the healing effects of essential oils on a deep level and incorporated an intuitive process to create the formulas. Milli Austin’s intuitive approach to essential oil therapy inspired me to study with her and earn a certificate in Essential Oil Therapy in 1998. Having a desire to expand my knowledge of the plant kingdom and its relationship to humanity, I completed a certificate course in ethnobotany at the New York Botanical Garden in 2003. Since then, I have studied horticultural therapy at the New York Botanical garden to further explore the therapeutic effect of nature on human illness.

As a student of Jungian psychology for over fifteen years, my mission has been to uncover years of conditioning to find the true expression of the soul. In my experience, essential oil therapy is a beneficent tool, providing a catalyst for clearing old patterns and accelerating personal growth. My intention is to serve truth in this work and in doing so, bring light to consciousness.


Liquid amber founder and practitioner