I have been going to Sharon for over 5 years. I use her oils in my business, I send my clients to her and I go for my personal well being. Sharon’s work is profoundly healing.

I run a holistic Pilates studio and Sharon’s oils keep the energy pristine clear. When people walk into the studio, they always stop for a moment and say, “Wow, it’s so peaceful.” Then they ask, “What’s the scent in here?” I see that scent causes an immediate shift in one’s state of mind. People often arrived stressed, anxious and scattered and immediately calm down and start breathing more deeply.

I send my clients to Sharon. Her work is so specific, so personalized. My clients tell me that Sharon “gets them” and that she’s truly hearing them and addressing exactly what they want to work on.

I also go to her for my personal well-being. She’s helped me when I’ve been blocked mentally, stuck and unable to see a way out of a problem. She’s helped me let go of a past love and she’s also helped me when I’ve been severly depleted. Since working with Sharon, I’m able to reach my goals more naturally, with more swiftness.

"I highly, highly recommend Sharon’s work." M.J.

Sharon Slowik of Liquid Amber, Ltd has assisted me in getting through an exceedingly difficult period of my life. What makes Ms. Slowik’s therapy so unique is her insight and empathy into the human condition. Ms. Slowik really does listen to everything you tell her and is such an enlightened individual. Combine that with her extensive knowledge of essential oils and you a therapy that WORKS. Ms. Slowik will provide you with the tools to navigate whatever challenges life puts in your path. I highly recommend her as a therapist and you will be amazed at how the use of essential oils will assist you to heal both mentally and emotionally. EDDIE STAR

I turned to essential oil therapy when I felt I was at the end of the road in terms of what to do with my daughter, who seemed to be spiraling into a cycle of ever increasing clinginess, anxiety and shyness. We had tried everything that was within our means to try. She was being seen by a guidance counselor in school, who was kind, but felt unqualified to help her. A therapist we had tried turned out to be completely insensitive to her particular needs, and at that point we’d pretty much come to a dead end because of the limitations of our insurance. I was talking to a friend of mine about my daughter, and she mentioned that she had tried this essential oil therapy for her own daughter on the recommendation of an acquaintance, and had seen considerable improvement in her after one or two baths. I told her it sounded interesting , but that I had no extra money at the time. My friend most generously offered to purchase a bath for my daughter, because she believed that it would help her. I was reluctant to accept but she urged me to say yes. I did accept, and I was very thankful, because I started to see change in her right away. Her tantrums abated, some anxiety related obsessive-compulsive behavior subsided, and her iron-hold emotional grip on me dissolved. In her case it took a series of several baths to accomplish these breakthroughs, but when I think of all the years of therapy that might have been necessary, not to mention the expense, I feel that we were well served. Maybe about once or twice a year I order another bath for her when something comes up or if she seems to be experiencing a regression. All in all, I have to say that at a really tough time when it appeared we had run out of options, these baths helped to pull my daughter out of a very difficult spot. M.O.

I feel really excited when I get a “yes” for a bath—it is such a personal experience; the stone, the oils, the message—all completely specific to what I am ready for or what I need.

A recent bath I got had to do with recognizing and admitting to what I really want to do in this life. I actually anticipated the context of it the day it was being prepared. When I finally received it and then got to take it I was so primed mentally that I felt an almost instant understanding and acceptance of the message to ‘bring to consciousness’. Sometimes it has taken a few days or week for the meaning of a message to come to me on a conscious level but with this one I was right there in that moment connecting completely with my soul’s mission.

I found Essential Oil Therapy while looking into holistic alternatives for a condition our older daughter has. Western medicine took us only so far in understanding what she was going through at the time and what we could expect for her in the future. In fact, after 18 months if specialists and exams we felt we didn’t know much at all—except that there had to be more we could do to offer her relief.

Initially, I had hopes that Essential Oil Therapy might even make “it” go away but as I came to understand more about what Essential Oil Therapy is and what it isn’t my expectations shifted from, ”make her free of this” to “support in her body what is taxed at this time so she can move through this.”

It is subtle but the difference in the intention behind my shifted expectation is how I would sum up our experiences with Essential Oil Therapy. Awareness of the power within is the potential of this therapy— whether you are first recognizing the power within you or catalyzing what you are aware was dormant within you or whether you are maximizing what was neither dormant nor new to you, the therapy is about you doing the shifting and not the other way around.

I used Essential Oil therapy soon after our first exposure to it for our older daughter and I have several times again since then, as has my husband and our younger daughter. In each case the conditions around why we used it at that moment in time were different; but there was always something intuitive about the knowing of when support was needed.

I find caring for our physical bodies sometimes complicated and unpleasant—medications, operations, tests—whereas caring for our spiritual bodies—Essential Oil Therapy, meditation— infinitely more pleasant. The oils and stones combined with the images and messages are so meaningful. I keep the stones and images around for some time after a bath and the text of all the past therapies in a book to reference back to.” K. SHIELDS

It’s difficult to articulate the depth of gratitude that I have for Sharon Slowik. The EOT formulas that she created for me have supported my personal and professional growth tremendously. After using her formulas, I felt braver and my goals became clearer, which helped me get passed the subtle emotional and intellectual blocks that I carried. I am certain that the oils sped up the process of examining my issues and overcoming them. Since using Sharon’s formulas, I got engaged, increased my business and booked a vacation of a lifetime!
NICOLE WELLS, Communication Consultant

I have known Sharon for many years and was one of her first clients. Sharon’s work has always been very helpful to me, but the last bath I received literally changed my life, by helping me to release a very negative pattern that was causing me a great deal of pain. Her dedication and passion for her work along with her compassion make her very gifted healer. L.B.

The entirety of Essential Oil Therapy is a tremendous exercise in self-care by making your own well-being a priority. I enjoy this therapy to be an exercise in greasing the communication channels between my body + spirit or inner self. During the bath, past experiences or relationships that have left a lingering trace somewhere in my body, perhaps, blocking one or several chakras, are brought to the forefront of my own consciousness. These images surface by way of a filmstrip in my mind; pictures flash one after the other after the other. These are ‘messages’ I receive pointing me to the cause of the ‘stop-ups’ in my energy flow. Surprisingly, the effect of Essential Oil Therapy continues to shift my awareness of blocked past experiences weeks and even months after my literal bath. Sharon is a wonderfully kind soul who patiently listens and gently educates creating the foundation for the self-revelatory experience I described above. S.M.