LIQUID AMBER ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY is an alternative approach to unlocking and transforming emotional issues in your life. Think of it as a psychology of scent. It’s not a make-the-day-go-away treatment or a short-term solution, but a healing discipline.

Our sense of smell is the strongest trigger of memory and emotions. This therapy uses customized oil formulas to trigger a response in the limbic system of the brain, letting you access information, beliefs and experiences that may have been obstacles to healing.

Because every person’s issues are unique to his or her own experience, every therapy is personalized. There is no single route to wellness, nor a fixed psychology of scent. What affects you affects the treatment you’re prescribed.

Essential oil therapy requires your participation. Its value relies on your openness to self awareness and your willingness to change. The first step on the path to change is yours. Start here by learning more…..

The name Liquid Amber is inspired by the oil, Liquidambar orientalis, also known as sweetgum. It is a divine and evocative oil—described as the “perfume of the soul”— that promises transmutation; alchemizing negative into positive, weakness into strength.