ROOM SPRAYS:4oz. $40 2oz. $30

These sprays are hand made using a blend of
therapeutic grade essential oils in a gem elixir for
each season. The elixirs are made by imprinting
the energy pattern of a gemstone in water.
The gemstones sit in water for a period of time
charging the water with the intended energy.
In the indirect method, the gem sits in a glass
container in the water preventing any toxic
substances from penetrating the water.
Only the energy pattern of the gem is imprinted
in the water.

SPRING Amethyst:metamorphosis

SUMMER Clear Quartz Crystal:harmony

AUTUMN Ulexite(indirectmethod):clarity

WINTER Peridot(indirectmethod):understanding

SPRING A therapeutic blend of lemon, vetiver, amyris
and thyme essential oils in an amethyst elixir intended to
awaken the desire to clean out the old, making room for
new growth.

SUMMER A therapeutic blend of bay, bergamot mint,
chamomile and cedar leaf essential oils in a clear quartz
crystal elixir intended to relax, open the mind and soothe
the nervous system. Summer is a time to relax and breathe.

AUTUMN A therapeutic blend of myrtle, tomar seed,
spearmint, cubeb in an ulexite elixir intended to stimulate
inner courage to face life squarely and impart a sense of
uplifting inspiration.

WINTER A therapeutic blend of hibawood, frankincense
and Siberian fir essential oils in a peridot elixir intended to
extinguish heavy, brooding energy, allowing light to return.