$35 EACH

Inhalers can be carried in a pocket, bag, or kept on the computer keyboard to be used as needed. This application is convenient for travel: by car, airplane, and especially public transportation where odors can be invasive. The therapeutic aroma lasts for more than a year!


SOOTHE NERVES To relieve the stress and irritability of daily life.It is beneficial for those who suffer from abusive treatment of any kind. This therapeutic blend includes cedar, ravensara and rue essential oils

CALM MIND To relieve mental tension and mental mumbling.
It elevates the thought process and is beneficial for those who have trouble quieting the mind. This therapeutic blend includes myrtle, pine, sage and anise seed essential oils.

UPLIFT SPIRIT To lift depression and instill a sense of optimism. It is beneficial for those who have a tendency to “see the glass half empty”. This therapeutic blend includes valerian root, patchouli and howood essential oils.

ENDURANCE To instill peace of mind and reinforce the ability to endure. This therapeutic blend includes cypress, St. John’s wort and fir needle essential oils.

FULLY LOADED For focus and clarity; to feel centered and uplifted. This therapeutic blend includes spike ginger lily, winter savory, and fir needle essential oils